The A2E (Applications, Evaluation & Samples) laboratory works closely with all of the R&D laboratories and with the sales and marketing departments, particularly for the development of proactive and prototype and for the development of product ranges such as Aroma-T® and Aromatop®.

The technical team finds the perfect harmony and dosage of flavours under real manufacturing conditions, and provides for tests on ageing and stability in final applications
It is also available to our customers for pilot experiments and for series of tests, in full confidentiality, such as tests on heat or cold resistance and on ageing, and tests to mask certain notes.

This department organises tasting panels based on the rules of sensory analysis whose objectives include the validation of proactive developments and tests (triangle tests, blind tests, etc.) and the identification and analysis of market innovations (on an international level).
It carries out internal training of expert panellists (R&D teams) and training for consumer tests.