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Aromatech Tunisia

Aromatech Tunisia Contact
Company name Aromatech Tunisie SARL
City ZI M'Ghira II - Lot n°35 - BP173
Zipcode 2082 FOUCHANA
Phone +216 79 408 473
Fax +216 79 408 474
Aromatech Tunisia was Aromatech's first subsidiary, established in 1992. The company has access to the Group's skills and knowledge and is enjoying growing success in a booming Tunisian economy. For...
several years now it has also had a strong regional presence across North Africa, including Egypt, Libya and Morocco.

Aromatech Tunisia is certified ISO 9001:2008

The company now has clear competitive and organisational advantages: With over 20 years of experience in the Tunisian market and close cooperation with food industry leaders, we can offer products tailored to local tastes at competitive prices. With our experienced R&D unit, proactive and at your disposal, we can meet all your needs in accordance with the technical requirements of the product and with Tunisian legislation. Our modern and flexible production unit offers quality products in various forms (liquids, powders, emulsions, pastes, encapsulation by spray-drying) in the shortest lead time available (delivery throughout the region within a week).

Aromatech Tunisia offers a vast range of products to meet the specific needs of companies in the food industry. Our flavours may be used in many applications such as dairy products, drinks, biscuits and sweets. We have also developed a whole range of savoury flavours for oils, crisps, snacks, sauces and soups.

Exclusive to Aromatech Tunisia: the FRUITALYS® range for manufacturers of pastries, ice cream and syrups and for chefs and private individuals.

Aromatech Tunisia has ISO 9001, ISO 22 000 & HALA certifications.

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Aromatech Algeria

Aromatech Algeria Contact
Company name Aromatech Algérie SARL
City Baba Ali – Zone d’activité « Oued el Kerma » , Lot N°38
Zipcode 16095 ALGER
Phone + 213 23 58 22 79
Fax + 213 23 58 22 23
Aromatech Algeria was established in Algiers in 2002 and Aromatech Group continues to expand in Algeria today.
Aromatech Algeria has benefited from Aromatech Group's experience in creating subsidiaries with, in particular,

  • Customised products at competitive prices: products, tailored to local tastes, are offered in different packaging and in varying quantities.
  • A production unit offering flexibility and responsiveness: Aromatech Algeria produces flavours in liquid and powder form.
  • An R&D laboratory which monitors compliance with Aromatech Group's quality standards and ensures that flavours are tailored to local tastes.
  • Local organisation to optimise logistics and avoid any importation problems.

Aromatech Algeria has an organisation which enables it to respond to the requirements of large companies and also smaller customers in the Algerian market.

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Aromatech Algeria Distribution (AAD)

Aromatech Algeria Distribution (AAD) Contact
City N°38, Route de Beni-Tamou ZI Ben Boulaid 09000 Blida – ALGERIA
Phone +33(0)4 93 60 84 44
Aromatech group opened in 2016 a new Algerian structure : Aromatech Algeria Distribution.

Its main activityis the import and distribution of our Fruitalys range: a liquids range intented for artisans & industrials specialised...
in bakery, pastry, chocolate factory, beverages, ice-creams and dairy products but also for private individuals and restaurants.

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