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Aromatech has automated, flexible and modern production tools, operated by qualified and trained staff.

Our production units adhere to the strictest environmental, health and safety standards.

The area used to develop key flavours bases is fitted with a ROXANE automatic weighing device connected to over 1,000 raw materials. This robot can carry out extremely precise automated measurements of weight.
It is coupled with rotating storekeepers to optimise access and the logistics of raw materials.

Production units are then organised into specialist workshops according to manufacturing type:

  • Powders obtained by simple blend or impregnation: Horizontal and vertical mixers of varying capacities, tailored to the size of batches processed.
  • Encapsulation by spray-drying..
  • Emulsions: Series homogenisers.
  • Liquids: Workshop of differing capacities with vats and shakers tailored to the size of batches processed.

Following manufacture, all of our products are carefully checked before packaging.